I love to watch action movies and read books that entice you with suspense from beginning to end. (I hate romance movies & books, they're just so boring. Though, I'm good at writing little romance scenes. **S**) I like Alternative music & hanging out with friends (whenever I manage to find the time) . But my favorite pastime, is writing.

I can always relax when I'm writing. You can usually tell what mood I was in when I was writing something. If I'm in a good mood, it's a somewhat chipper, or has a little romance (though it's never much). If I'm in a bad mood, then it's dark and/or creepy.

I like to watch sports, of almost any kind. (By the way, I hate opera & the only musical I like is The Phantom of the Opera. I'll only go to see good theater. If it's, anything else, forget it!)

Would you like to read some good poetry? None of it is mine of course, but a few of my favorite poets are there. Come on in and enjoy some light reading.