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  A heavy wooden door stand slightly ajar before you. The iron handle seems to beckon you to come closer, but warns of impending danger to trespassers. The dust on the floor, having been recently disturbed, flowed through the air.

  Noises emanate up the steps and cause your curiosity to rise. You slowly pull the door open, hoping not to attract attention from whoever resides in the depths below.

  The stairs are blanketed with a thin layer of dust, just like everything else in this place. You walk lightly on your feet to keep the old wooden planks beneath your feet from creaking.

  You sigh in relief when your feet finally hit the cold stone landing at the end of the decent. A large iron door presides before you, vertical bars molded into the tiny window allowing a soft light to escape.

  'Light is probably the only thing that could possibly escape from this place.' You think to yourself as you push the door open ever so carefully.

  A large room is the first thing you see as you enter. Blazing torches are mounted on the wall, nevertheless the light doesn't fill every crevasse and corner. Beyond that desolate room is a hallway. You notice three more iron doors like that of the first. One on each side on the passage and at the far end. The outcries from those here send a chill up and down your spine, telling you not to investigate those rooms.

  You take deep breath to calm your nerves and proceed farther into the garish pit of darkness. As you reach the door you decide it would be wise to check your six (behind you) to make sure no one is there. With that you enter the forth door.

  The room is lit as before with torches and stands brisling with fire. Weapons mounted the walls along with a several bookcases filled with scrolls, books, and treasures. In the center sat a strangle table surrounded be even stranger chairs. You walk over and run your fingers across these oddities out of some impulse and happen to look down at you watch.

  You cringe at the time and decide you had better leave before the owners get back. Something tells you they wouldn't be too happy with a trespasser and would gladly think of a punishment. On the other hand you want to stay and read the scrolls and books.

  If you want to take your chances and stay...

Go for it.

  If not...then well...I suggest you

leave now.