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  The sun was setting beneath the forest in brilliant reds and yellows. The clouds were a soft blue and purple as they slowly floated over the town below. The air was cold and dry, like that of a mid autumns night.

  The town itself was practically asleep, except for those few lit windows and the town saloon. Voices and could be heard clearly though the doorway. The light from inside the structure flowed out into the street causing the nearby building to posses ghostly shadows. The soft sounds of hoof beats were lost to everyone except the rider.

  The horsemen dismounted at the local saloon and secured her horse to the post. Kara let a long sigh and stretched her muscles before ascending the steps. She pushed through the door as a powerful presence passed through her mind. She stiffened and gazed around the room until her eyes fell upon a solitary man sitting at a corner table.

  He was dressed in all black along with the legendary trench coats that were the fad among Immortals. He had a nubby beard that framed his face somewhat. A black hat lay on the table a few inched from his seemly strong hands, which clinched a frothy brown drink that looked repulsive but welcoming. One feature stood out among all the others, an unforgettable accessory one could never forget, a scar that down the right side of his face. It ran from above the eyebrow, over the eye and halfway down the cheek.

  The man felt the presence of another run thorough his head. He was glad this was the only drink he had had this night, or the buzz might have caused him a headache. He looked to the doorway, and there stood a woman in black pants and boots a white shirt and a light tan trench coat. Strands of golden-brown hair that didn't quite fit, fell from beneath her hat. Her eyes were cautious and not the least bit tired. Of course she always was the night owl. He relaxed against the back of the chair and looked at her with fascination.

  She contemplated whether or not to stay or leave and shrugged inwardly, a drink would really hit the spot tonight. Kara took off the hat, allowing her hair to fall to against her back. She ran her fingers through it a few times as she walked up to the counter.

  "What'll you have ma'am?" The bartender asked as he was wiping down a dirty glass with a rag that looked worse than the mug itself. She cringed slightly.

  "A beer will do fine." She leaned against the counter and watched the man pour a glass.

  "Not from around these parts are ya?"

  "Excuse me?" Kara asked pondering the liquid in the glass more than paying attention to the person speaking.

  "British accent. We don't get many of you Brits out here. Except for that guy over there." The man leaned closer and whispered to her. "I don't trust that man. I reckon you'd better stay clear of him."

  Kara glanced over her solder and shrugged. "It's okay. I know him."

  "You do? Strange company you keep if I do say so ma'am."

  "Not exactly my choice." The bartender gave her a funny look, wondering what she meant by the comment. He just shrugged and went back to cleaning the glasses.

  Kronos stood from his seat with an empty mug in his hand and walked to the bar. "Give me a refill."

  "Hasn't anyone ever told you that politeness and charm will get you more of what you want in this world?" She said taking a sip of her drink. It wasn't as repulsive as she first thought.

  " Methos might have mentioned it." He shrugged. "I've done pretty well doing things my way." Kronos picked up his now full glass and motioned over to the table. "Shall we?" 'What the hell' she thought as she walked over to the table and sat down across from her him.

  "How have you been treating life Kronos?" She smirked and tossed her hat on the tabletop, disturbing the dust.

  He laughed a little and smiled. "Same as always." Kara found her smiling at his answer, though she didn't really know why.

  "Why I'm I not surprised." She rolled her eyes and a small laugh and sipped her beer, which was becoming less and less appealing. "I know you to well."

  "Are you sure about that?" His curiosity began to rise.

  She shrugged. "I know how your mind works. You've grown on me." She snapped her eyes up and saw a wicked grin in his eyes. She looked away and stared into her drink, not being about to look into those eyes without becoming entranced. She couldn't understand why she was feeling this way about a man like this.

  Kronos noticed her avoidance of his eyes and was finding her emotions, which were clear enough to him, entertaining. He reached across the table and lifted her chin with his fingers, bringing her eyes to stare into his. He smirked as she suddenly stood up from her seat.

  "Goodnight." She grabbed her hat and tucked it under her arm trying to hide her confusing feelings from him, but knew it was impossible. This man had spent his life absorbing others agitation, fear, and loneliness. He would have mastered how to discern other emotions as well. She felt his eyes staring after her as she left the tavern. She took the reins of her horse and walked to the closest inn in the town.

  He paid for his drink and slipped his hat back on. He followed her out into the street, remaining far enough behind as to not trigger his presence. Everything that had happened struck him as strange. During the Bronze Age, she was helpful, though not very compliant. He still can't remember all of the times they had run her through. She had never felt anything for him. Why was this any different?

***   Kara closed and locked the door behind her. She ran the events of the past hour through her mind. She changed into a long, short sleeved shirt and sat in front of the vanity. She stared into it a few moments before picking up her brush and running it through her hair. As she set the brush down she felt a buzz pass through her mind for the second time this night. She ran to the side of her bed, grabbed her sword, and rushed through the hall to the door. Thrusting her sword to the side of the trespasser's throat.

  There Kronos stood, with his hands in his coat pocket, looking at the blade of her sword with a raised eyebrow. "You wouldn't win."

  Kara smirked. "Overconfident aren't we?"

  He pushed the blade of her sword away from his neck and took a step closer. He ginned as she took a step back. He looked her up and down and reached his hand out towards her cheek. She lowered her sword and moved away from his touch. She walked towards a small table and set her sword on it's top. Kronos discarded his coat, hat, and gun holster, tossing it on top of the sword.

  She looked over her shoulder and closed her eyes as she felt his arms wrapping themselves around her waist. She tilted her head back to the left when she felt his warm breath at her neck. Kara tried to pull away, but he held her more tightly.

  Kronos turned her around, holding the small of her back with his left hand. She slowly looked up into his eyes. Kara desperately tried to look away, but found she wasn't able to, she was drowning in them. He brushed his hand across her cheek and gently held the back of her head.

  Kara lifted her left hand to his face and gently ran her index finger down the scar. He closed his eyes until he felt her finger on his cheekbone. She ran her finger over his lips parting them slightly. There her gaze fell. Kara suddenly leaned into him, kissing him hard and passionately.

  ((I'm going to skip the rest, for those who are easily disturbed people. I'm not in the mood for 'letters'.))